H1b visas are dominated by ICC like infosys!

Quick question: which company files the most H1B visas in 2015? Google or Facebook?

People may think the company must be one of these great American IT companies, like Google or Facebook. Data tell you are wrong! From the official list of number of LCAs per company http://data.jobsintech.io/companies/infosys-limited , one can see these Indian Consulting Companies (ICCs) like Infosys, Tata consulting, Wipro are dominated H1b visas. In 2015, infosys has 23k certified H1b LCAs where the total number of H1b in 2015 is 85k (the maximum H1b cap). Can you imagine that a single company can have almost 30% of all H1b visas?

Companies like infosys also lower down the market average salary, for everyone! Infosys’ average salary for 2015 H1B petitions is 76k USD where most of them are software engineers. Google’s average software engineer salary in 2015 is about 128k USD which is 68% higher than Infosys, according to google search. Unfortunately, google can’t beat infosys in the H1B visa lottery battle. If you are a smart software engineer who can get a google job offer of 128k USD, but google unfortunately can’t get a H1B visa for you because most H1Bs go to Infosys, and you have to choose infosys’s 76k USD for having a H1B visa. Infosys uses low salary for being price-competitive in the consulting market, but many talent software engineers have to accept the low salary and work for infosys because of H1B visa. In the end, American companies like Google who can offer high salary can’t not have these talented engineers, but Indian Consulting Companies (ICC) like infosys get all these talented engineers with much lower price.

Think of Walmart: Walmart has cheap products made in China, Thailand or other cheap-labor countries, and it kills all local US factories. Fortunately, Walmart is an American company,and the profit stays in the US. Now Infosys is the new Walmart for software engineering for killing allAmerican IT companies, and Infosys is NOT an American company.

It would be very sad that the market is dominated by ICCs like Infosys: they dominate the H1B visa with low salary and all we talented software engineers have to go to ICCs because of visas. The market is also controlled by these ICCs: all smart American engineers can’t beat ICC’s low price and have to risk loosing jobs.

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