Trump administration moves to combat H-1B visa fraud with increased site visits

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A Department of Homeland Security spokesperson declined to comment on when in the petition process the site visits may occur, “in order to keep the integrity of our fraud detection process.”

While H-1B visas are used to fill the U.S. skills gap, the Trump administration has voiced concerns about abuse of the program. In some cases, outsourcing firms flood the system with applicants, obtaining visas for foreign workers and then contracting them out to tech companies. American jobs are sometimes replaced in the process, critics say.


One thought on “Trump administration moves to combat H-1B visa fraud with increased site visits

  1. About 80 to 90% of h1b visas are done by IT body shops and they come up with fake client letters using their own sister concerns and apply for H1b. The h1b workers just participate in the visa fraud as well and also sit in bench and work with these companies. They are not some innocent people being abused but instead people who are knowingly working with these fraudulent companies for their benefit.

    If a h1b gets fired he should not be able to use the client letter from the fired job to get US visa. the system is flawed. The amount of fake resumes, proxy interviews, visa fraud being committed is sickening . On top of this it is double trouble due to the H4 EAD program for americans in IT jobs.


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