2015 H1B visa rank and the average salary battle

As you might have known, the top 3 H1B visa sponsors in 2015 are Indian Consulting companies (all come from India, again!): Infosys, TCS and Wipro, and these 3 companies have 46277 visas which is 54% of H1B visa quota this year!.

The average salary is about 70k USD per year in the top 3 companies. But wait, what is the average H1B salary for these top american companies? Google has 125k USD and Microsoft has 116k USD, which are 78% and 65% higher than that 70K USD from these Indian Consulting companies. Unfortunately Google only has 3056 H1B visas and Microsoft 3750, which are 10x less than Infosys+TCS+Wipro. What does it mean? If you are a smart guy who can have a job offer from Google or Microsoft (125K or 116K USD on average), you might have to quit Google/Microsoft and choose Infosys, Tata or Wipro for 70K USD: you have 10x less chance for getting a visa in Google or Microsoft!

What a pity for American companies who want true high skilled workers! What a pity for true talented engineers who have to quit Google/MIcrosoft and choose Infosys, TCS and Wipro for a visa!

To read more, please go to http://www.myvisajobs.com/Reports/2015-H1B-Visa-Sponsor.aspx (Can’t find Facebook here? Check the 2nd page. Facebook has rank 40th with 133K USD average salary but only 780 H1B visas)

Rank H1B Visa Sponsor Number of LCA * Average Salary
1 Infosys 23,816 $76,794
2 Tata Consultancy Services 14,096 $67,673
3 Wipro 8,365 $69,936
4 IBM 7,944 $87,227
5 Deloitte Consulting 7,016 $102,112
6 Accenture 5,509 $75,532
7 Hcl America 4,749 $81,223
8 Tech Mahindra (Americas) 4,600 $73,025
9 Larsen & Toubro Infotech 4,365 $69,943
10 Ernst & Young 3,976 $89,350
11 Microsoft 3,750 $116,804
12 Igate Technologies 3,124 $68,714
13 Google 3,059 $125,596
14 Intel 2,505 $103,632
15 Cognizant Technology Solutions 2,358 $70,892
16 Ust Global 1,998 $68,681
17 Deloitte & Touche 1,654 $70,043
18 Amazon 1,600 $113,163
19 Qualcomm Technologies 1,585 $111,816
20 Jpmorgan Chase 1,468 $105,370
21 Apple 1,464 $133,593
22 Ntt Data 1,409 $102,643
23 Capgemini Financial Services Usa 1,303 $95,433
24 Oracle America 1,073 $119,506
25 Kpit Infosystems 1,015 $64,300

Chesco case highlights H-1B immigration scams

To read more, please go to http://articles.philly.com/2015-03-19/news/60254438_1_shell-companies-h-1b-visas

At first blush, Upani Consultants of Chester County appeared to be a group of ambitious workers, mostly from India, who came to the United States on specialty visas to be employed as quality-assurance analysts and software engineers in information technology.

But in fact, according to the guilty plea by Sudhakar Majety in federal court in Philadelphia late last year, the company he created a decade ago in Phoenixville ultimately exploited the H-1B “specialty occupation” visa program by using shell companies and sham contracts to give the impression that Upani needed staff.

When the workers arrived here, according to the indictment, they learned that Upani had no positions and were forced to search for jobs elsewhere.

Majety, 46, of Spring City, Chester County, typically charged each worker about $4,000 for the visa and kept 20 percent of any money the worker earned. Workers who could not find employment had to pay him extra to keep their visas active.

Worst employers ever. . . . Everything fake,” a burned employee posted anonymously in 2012 on the website Glassdoor, which has online reviews of IT companies.

You will end up cheated,” another reviewer wrote.