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H1b visa is a type of work visa for allowing we high skill engineers/scientists working in US. This year (2015) USCIS has 233k H1b applications (petitions) for 85k cap, which makes the visa lottery chance drops to 36%, where only 1 out of 3 talented engineers/scientists can stay, and others have to leave. One reason for this low chance is, some of dishonest people have submitted multiple petitions for increasing their chance through some dishonest consulting companies. It is an open secret: anyone who pays 3000$ +application fee to these companies can have H1B petition. You pay for one more, you get an extra H1B petition, no matter about job positions or skill set, these companies can fake for you. This dishonest behavior reduces our job opportunities and hurts our job market.

These dishonest consulting companies use this multi-petition to “ship” IT workers from Indian and flood the job market in the US. It is known as “body shop”, which means they file multiple petitions so they can have higher chance of H1b visas for shipping people from Indian to US. We honest engineers and scientists from China, India and all over the world can’t get this work visa, because our chance has been squeezed to almost 0 by these multi-petition, and our honest companies who can only file one petition per person can’t get H1B visas for their talented employees.

Some statistical numbers are researched for this situation, where we can see these companies are dominating the IT market:

Moreover, they would threat our wage level because these companies pay lower than the average wage for their people.

We need your voice. We can make equal job opportunities for all we high skill workers. Please support our White House petition “Remove and Ban Cheaters Who Sent Multi-Petition Before H1B Lottery Selection” for stopping H1B visa fraud! Please sign up, and confirm your vote in the confirmation email.

5 thoughts on “The White House Petition

  1. Entire H1B visa should be scrapped as there is a heavy surplus local candidates for all type of IT Jobs.
    H1B is used as cheap labor from India which is impacting the Job opportunities for IT graduates from the US universities and colleges.

    Also, lot of employers are abusing the H1B visa holders with low salaries and benefits. Most of them do not pay for Medial or Dental benefits.

    Hope the congress bans these visa’s permanently which help the H1B candidates already here to settle down with honor and dignity and help them to achieve their american dream.


    • Reduce H1B to people coming from other countries. Use international Masters students enrolled in US universities and citizens to fill these jobs.


  2. There is exploitation of visas, Companies want cheap labor, so they want more supply to reduce demand and suppress wages, Most of the Information Technology jobs are given to contracting consulting Companies by the corporates because they want to reduce cost and risk, These consulting companies take upto 30% margin and give some of the contracting jobs to sub-vendors, and most of their employees they import from India, most of the employees of Indian based consulting companies like wipro, Infosys, HCL, TCS, Cognizant give only average salary of 65,000 while American working for the same job they have to pay double, on top of that to get residential status Indian employees willing to work overtime whereas most Americans stick to 8 hour job, as a senior software engineer and an American citizen I find it very difficult to get a full time job, there are a lot of contracting jobs available with less pay.

    Since most beginner level Information Technology jobs are sent to offshore, Companies require 8+ years experience in most jobs with salary around 80k, most Americans quit looking for software jobs and work somewhere else, America shouldn’t surrender to the corporate interests but need to look for the well being of its citizens. When 60% of Americans have family income less than 50,000/year, it is absurd to let corporates abuse visa. I saw one lady saying immigrants created lot of jobs, that is true but H1b has dual intend but they can’t be entrepreneurs, their visa is employer dependent visa, so please stop confusing people to take away American jobs.

    My take is to stop abuse,all companies should post their Software/Information Technology jobs in a centralized government website, all Americans and legal immigrants should be allowed to apply, Government should monitor if Companies are falsely advertising just to cheat Uscis, then rest of the Information Technology jobs that they can’t find Natives should be given for bidding for H1b, bidding salary of H1b should be more than the maximum salary of an American doing the same job in same location, Companies that bids for more salary should get H1b, say example many Indian companies are master cheaters, theyll make secret agreement with their employees that we will pay you more salary but you have to give us back this amount every month, so those abusing companies shouldn’t be allowed to do business in Usa again


  3. We need to stop this now Americans must come first not foreign cheap labor. This is wrong and we need to start giving jobs to Americans first and foremost. I stand with President Donald Trump.


  4. New loophole to bypass H1B scrutiny
    It’s called the EB1C category. Outsourcing companies after much battle against tightening of H1B rules have found a loophole via. category called as EB1C. This is the category for highly skilled managers.
    This category grants a greencard or permanent residence within 6 months to applicants. Considered as higher level candidates, the applicant in this category are exempted from vetting by the labor department, know of Labor clearance. In reality you qualify for this category if you have just 2 years of experience and if the job designation says manager in it. It is well known in the immigrant circles that this is a legal loophole as there are many examples of dummy managers being imported from India to be placed in organizations across USA as cheap labor, to replace hardworking Americans and to quite an extent qualified and high skilled immigrants who graduate out of universities in USA. Also rumors are heard that these applicants pay considerable amount of bribes to their higher officials, so that they can be “chosen” for this privilege. Also the outsourcing companies benefit from not filling and renewing visa for these employees as the greencard is a onetime thing.
    See below data showing a 4000%, yes four thousand percent, increase of applicants in this bogus category called EB1C. What is baffling is that this data is published by USCIS and yet there is no red flags!


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