4 Indian-Americans Charged With H-1B Visa Fraud

To learning more, please go to http://www.ndtv.com/indians-abroad/4-indian-americans-charged-with-h-1b-visa-fraud-1404396

WASHINGTON:  Four Indian-Americans have been indicted for hatching a plot to commit H-1B visa fraud, use of false documents and mail fraud among other offences, the US federal prosecutors said in an official statement.

The couple Sunitha Guntipally and Venkat Guntipally, Pratap “Bob” Kondamoori and Sandhya Ramireddi, allegedly used three California corporations to orchestrate the improper submission of more than 100 H-1B specialty-occupation work visa applications, said the statement from the US Attorney’s Office Northern District of California.


5 thoughts on “4 Indian-Americans Charged With H-1B Visa Fraud

  1. What is new here? That is pretty much the modus operandi of any Indian company sending employees on H-1b. They neither have a specified job when the prospective employees join nor do they pay them unless they are placed.

    Shame on all the Indians involved in this scam. Even students who come on masters put on a minimum of 8 years of experience on their fake resume and join the workforce. Genuine applicants are getting effected because they are not getting a job as those are stolen from the immigrant works / students on visas.

    The H-1b’s are abusing the system in innovative ways – fake interview calls, proxy calls, misrepresentation, false claims, using hi-tech software to manipulate their voice, living in overcrowded apartments, poor communication and social skills, inability to adapt to American culture and lifestyle, bad morals and ethics.

    These H-1b’s are stooping so low with their desperation to get jobs that it has now become lucrative to work in India than in USA.

    I really feel sorry for the Americans as the cheap labor is replacing genuine, talented and hard-working folks all in the name of “specialized skills”.

    Equally pathetic are the corporations of US who are sacrificing local talent but don’t mind paying the same to offshoring companies with migrant workers.

    What baffles me is all these so called IT jobs can be done pretty much be done by a high-school student with good analytical and reasoning skills. You don’t really need bachelors or masters to do such jobs. Not sure why these H-1b’s are categorized as skilled when they are really just basic technical programming skills.

    Hope somebody takes note of it and does something in US before all unemployed folks take to the streets.

    God bless.


  2. I need help, Ardent technologies inc is provided H1b for me and got visa.In march2016 I travelled to USA, in the port of entry officers called to employer but employer is not responded then port of entry officers
    told to me go back to India then I came back to India. Once I reached India I called to
    employer(Vas appalaneni-0019373121345) he told me don’t call me
    because us immigration people are tracking my number and he suggested we have branch in Hyderabad(INDIA). I asked to Vas appalaneni before H1b processing you told me don’t have any branches in India then again he told me I don’t have time to talk to you plz call to Srinivas jasti(0019376810548)from
    USA and Ancha Subbarao(91-7702840596)from India.I called to srinivas jasti he told me pay the money so that we can help you otherwise we can’t help and also if you have any queries call to India erson(Ancha Subbarao). I called to ancha Subbarao he told me when your paying the money? then I given
    answer why I have to pay the money and also you people are taken interview and provided offer letter then I resigned my current job and travelled to USA now I lost of my current job,now your demanding money, again he threatening if your not pay the money we are not helping . and also what ever employer provided projects those are also not running.

    I am requesting to you please take action against ARDENT TECHNOLOGIES INC
    and also Jasti srinivas rao(0019376810548), Ancha subbarao(917702840596),Vas appalaneni. In below am providing USA address and India address.

    USA address: Ardent technologies inc, 6234 Far hills ave, Dayton,
    OH-45459, Us. PH: 0019373121345.

    India address: Ardent technologies, Plot-286, Hafeezpet,
    Ph : 04065746777.


    • Rambabu, please provide this information to Department of Labor and Department of Homeland Security (Immigration division). You can visit their website online and you can fill in a form or email or call their phone numbers.

      Your identity will be a secret and there is really ho harm for you in doing this.


      • I have lodged a complaint with uscis and Department of Labor in USA so that in future companies like EBSMINDS (http://www.ebsminds.com/ & Ebs-minds It Inc) and iERATECH does not flourish in USA . The culprits are Man Mohan Akavaram, Brijesh Vyas and Raghu MUTUKULA. All these 3 people are responsible for taking the money from me (USD 4000) for processing the H1B Visa. After they took the mopney , they have not moved my Visa further and refused to send me for H1B Visa stamping even thought the visa was picked in lottery and Approved. I hope they are investigated by USCIS and DOL and procescuted. I am ready to be a whisteblower and provide evidence in any court of law. Please contact me in India at +91 709319 8849

        EBSMinds also goes by the name of ebs-minds IT inc, so beware of this fraud company


  3. Thanks for putting together this site. Headed to report a scam from Entellects (http://www.entellects.com/). All of their hiring is H1B or South Asian origin. They break the law by not paying their employees, their H1B’s on bench do not get paid . Employees play along and stay quiet with the fear of losing their visa status. The use of fake resumes is common. When I went to the USCIS web page the link is broken. What is the best place to try this again? The CEO is Murali Marega . Look at the glassdoor reviews as well.




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