Indians pray at visa temples to go abroad

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Millions of Indians regularly visit temples and religious sites to pray and seek divine help in fulfilling their wishes.

This 150-year-old Sikh gurdwara (temple) in Talhan village in the northern Indian state of Punjab is the go-to place for thousands of Sikhs wanting to travel out of India.

Many believe that praying at the Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh gurdwara will improve their chances of securing a visa.


6 thoughts on “Indians pray at visa temples to go abroad

  1. Majority of the Indian people are not really patriotic and don’t really like their country. If you offer them US citizenship, under the condition that they may not spend more than 6 months in India in any 2 year period or so, then would most gladly accept it. Only some of them want to go back to India because they miss home or want to contribute there. There are others also who want to go back, but only after saving plenty of $$$ and getting lot of job experience, so that they can have a US like lifestyle. I think that most of them won’t admit it openly that as much as they love their country, they don’t want to live there, at least not when they are young.


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