Two Indian-Americans arrested for H-1B visa fraud in US

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Two Indian-Americans, who recruited foreign workers mainly from India with purported IT expertise, were arrested in New Jersey on Wednesday on charges of H-1B visa fraud.

When submitting the visa paperwork to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), they falsely represented that the foreign workers had full-time positions and were paid an annual salary, as required to secure the H-1B visas. Contrary to these representations and in violation of the H-1B program, Patel, Mohta and others paid the foreign workers only when they were placed at a third-party client who entered into a contract with SCM Data or MMC Systems, the federal complaint alleged.

Faking job positions is a common trick for H1B visa fraud. If your current or future employer asks you for money for faking a job position for your H1b visa, please reject immediately. It is illegal!

3 thoughts on “Two Indian-Americans arrested for H-1B visa fraud in US

  1. How can I report an employee who used my company to contact consultants in india and did H1’s on his company by taking money?


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