H1-B Visa Some Interesting Charts

To know more about interesting charts of H1B statistics, please visit https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/h1-b-visa-some-intesting-charts-ashok-gairola?trk=hp-feed-article-title-like 

  1. H1-B Visa’s are granted for 3 years and 50% population does not have masters.
  2. Currently, minimum estimation is approx 200,000 employees and families are on H1-B Visa.
  3. Median Salary is $71,000/- and most of the Indian employees are not into innovative or high-end jobs.

3 thoughts on “H1-B Visa Some Interesting Charts

  1. I have seen myself few things… Indians are building sister corps and opening India based campuses using American money and only hiring their relatives and friends in USA as well as in India, with fake interviews process. They will never let Americans to come into IT jobs because their IT and other frauds will be caught… how they do kickbacks in so foolishly expensive software. Complete SDLC is fraud, their own QA testers, their copy/paste developers. mostly (80+%) fraud. Fake projects, Fake consultancy firms. and they even trap local Americans by giving them penny jobs. they are sitting in HR as well. You can’t complaints to HR anymore. your manager is Indian, manager’s manager are Indian. job resume are screened by Indians. they copy/paste good resumes with their own fakers and hires them. even background checks done by Indians firms. $ is draining out big time. h1 visa statistics cleared already. IT faker is earning $150k-$250k with fake overtimes. and local US citizen is getting paid only less then $30k/year, while they are giving taxes on every purchases they do their whole life. where is justice?

    Americans made America great… H1b didn’t make America great. h1b just looted money. Only reason they takes loan from banks, so these banks save their over stays in USA. They will never pay back to bank. Don’t turn America into 3rd world country. American was all about dream life. Not running behind money.

    i’m not sure how much American government is sincere to the American citizens. but I think, American citizens only hopes that American government must do something for them now. Don’t throw Americans into such mess made by Indian corruption. its huge. more than you think. Be fast before its too late. please


  2. More and more Telugu H-1B frauds getting exposed as the US economy slows down and people are very anxious, as a result US authorities have suddenly woken up from their slumber. If they go back and start checking the records from the year 1995 onwards, almost all Gultis (term for Telugus) would pee and poo in their pants. Americans should put pressure on their local politicians to open up investigations into the resumes, degrees and other details provided by these so called Indian IT brains. Just focus on the ones from Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad and Telangana. A free and impartial probe would see almost all of them in U.S jails ( they would actually prefer it, then going back to India) so, better deport them back to their corrupt, third world shit hole called India.


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