New Jersey University Was Fake, but Visa Fraud Arrests Are Real

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Instead, the university was a fake, set up by the Homeland Security Department as part of a sting operation to ensnare criminals involved in student visa fraud.

The people arrested were brokers who recruited foreign students who were mainly from China and India to an institution that they knew would not have real classes.

He paid the university $6,000 to obtain 20 visas for skilled workers, known as H-1B visas, the complaint said. (The government never issued them.) He paid another $17,750 to the school for arranging the extension of student visas.

6 thoughts on “New Jersey University Was Fake, but Visa Fraud Arrests Are Real

  1. Where does one go outside their existing company to report such things if they feel like they see it? For example, a recent re-org at my current company matches the scenario described in this post and others on your site. At the risk of sounding overly paranoid the leadership team here all came from india consulting companies and fear retribution for even questioning such things…


  2. I need help, Ardent technologies inc is provided H1b for me and got visa.In march2016 I travelled to USA, in the port of entry officers called to employer but employer is not responded then port of entry officers
    told to me go back to India then I came back to India. Once I reached India I called to
    employer(Vas appalaneni-0019373121345) he told me don’t call me
    because us immigration people are tracking my number and he suggested we have branch in Hyderabad(INDIA). I asked to Vas appalaneni before H1b processing you told me don’t have any branches in India then again he told me I don’t have time to talk to you plz call to Srinivas jasti(0019376810548)from
    USA and Ancha Subbarao(91-7702840596)from India.I called to srinivas jasti he told me pay the money so that we can help you otherwise we can’t help and also if you have any queries call to India erson(Ancha Subbarao). I called to ancha Subbarao he told me when your paying the money? then I given
    answer why I have to pay the money and also you people are taken interview and provided offer letter then I resigned my current job and travelled to USA now I lost of my current job,now your demanding money, again he threatening if your not pay the money we are not helping . and also what ever employer provided projects those are also not running.

    I am requesting to you please take action against ARDENT TECHNOLOGIES INC
    and also Jasti srinivas rao(0019376810548), Ancha subbarao(917702840596),Vas appalaneni. In below am providing USA address and India address.

    USA address: Ardent technologies inc, 6234 Far hills ave, Dayton,
    OH-45459, Us. PH: 0019373121345.

    India address: Ardent technologies, Plot-286, Hafeezpet,
    Ph : 04065746777.


    • Ardent Technologies, Inc — Trying to Threaten me with the legal notice

      I would like to bring it to your attention about the legal notice which received from Ardent technologies inc regarding my H1B processing issue.
      The company people are trying to threaten me with this legal notice, because I wrote a written complaint to in this form with all the details against the company .please find attached legal notice


      • Ram, the call or raid by USCIS team should be more than enough for this company that’s threatening you. Please do not waste any time and file a written complaint mentioning facts in detail and then also, try to call them directly, there is a dial in option to directly talk an officer and you can explain and register the complaint.
        Please do so without bothering much about these threatens. In fact he will get a legal notice and not you, but you have to file at the earliest to bring to their notice what you are facing and then convincing is easier.



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